Essential Oils and Aromatherapy for this Winter

Some of my favorite all natural products to use are essential oils. They have many uses ranging from skincare to aromatherapy and contain various healing properties. It is important to research all essential oils before use, especially on skin, as their properties may be too raw to be applied to skin without proper dilution.

Today though, I wanted to share a link and some info about this small essential oil diffuser I recently purchased on Amazon and list a few of my favorite oil combos. I will add the link to the oil diffuser at the bottom of the post in case you are interested in purchasing. This diffuser is fairly small so when I received it in the mail, I wasn’t expecting it to do much more than bring scent to a small room but I have been pleasantly surprised because it efficiently fills up my whole house with the aroma of each essential oil I add into it. It blows a mist into the air and although my apartment isn’t that large, this little diffuser definitely does its job. The changing LED light adds a nice effect at night and blends well with my other lights. I like to make sure I always have a combo of essential oils burning in my home at all times. It takes little to no effort, goes a long way to bring tranquility to my environment and keeps me grounded.

Although there are many similarities as far as what each essential oil can do for you, their scents are very distinct allowing you to use different variations and combinations to achieve different effects and scents throughout your home. Some essential oils, such as Lavender and Cinnamon, are great insect repellants as their scent is almost fatal to most insects.

My favorite oil combo this winter that I’ve been using to bring scent to my home has been a mix of Cinnamon Cassia oil, Nutmeg oil and Clove oil. *These are oils that I would not suggest applying to your skin, because they can cause burning or irritation and it takes about a week for your skin to recover, but as an aromatic mist they work wonders. * Cinnamon Cassia oil is a great remedy for various physical ailments while also effective in aromatherapy, used to relieve depression and naturally uplift your mood. Nutmeg oil has a sedative and calming effect, working as a natural sleep aid. Clove oil is an aphrodisiac in nature, making it serve as an excellent stress reliever, stimulating your mind and removing fatigue.

Another great combo is Lavender oil and Chamomile oil. Lavender is commonly used in aromatherapy for meditation and to treat insomnia and anxiety, amongst its many uses. The burning of Chamomile oil can also relieve anxiety, depression and bring calmness to one’s self, removing tension and built up anger.

Frankincense oil and Wild Orange oil are also a great combo to combat anxiety and depression. Frankincense is a great stress reliever and also helps reduce respiratory issues. Wild Orange oil promotes good sleep and reduces anxiety as well.

With seasonal depression roaming freely in this realm and affecting many, it is important to make space for peace in the spaces we’re inhabiting. Burning essential oils brings a calming element to your space and can be helpful during your self care rituals, such as meditation and yoga. There are many remedies to depression and techniques to further consciousness, this is just one of many to help keep us grounded while making strides towards inner peace. 



Essential Oil Diffuser with LED Light